We Have a New CR Family Member! by Hunter Follett
We Have a New CR Family Member!

Recently we added another member to the CR RanchWear family. It’s a little Sister for Ol' Red and Big Bertha, our first two trailers, a 31 foot 1975 Airstream Sovereign trailer/showroom!


CR Airstream


We chose this trailer because we wanted to get something that we felt was Always Classic and made in the USA like CR. There is so much amazing country and so many people that we want to share our journey with, and we think this trailer/showroom will allow us to get out to more events of all sizes. It’s a bit of a work in progress, having almost as many years on it as Rhea Scott, but we are working to restore its classic beauty (so it can be more like Rhea.) We are able to do things like this because of the love and support we receive and we hope that y’all continue our journey with us as we get the Airstream cleaned up and ready to go.


But, we’ve run into a bit of an issue.


What should we name our baby airstream?


Just like any good horse or reliable ride, the Airstream deserves a fitting name. So what do you think? Something a bit fresh and wacky or more of a retro vibe? Email us your ideas at namethestream@gmail.com; ask family, friends, neighbors - we really are looking the perfect fit. We rest assured, with your help, we will find it. 


We will compile all of the recommendations, pick the few we think fit the brand best, and then have a vote on which name you think is best.


Please participate and know that we deeply appreciate the dedicated fans of CR RanchWear. 


Get your thinking caps on and let us know what you come up with.  Also- Let us know why we should come to your event or home town and maybe we will!  We are working on an itinerary for the inaugural road trip this fall!

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May 12, 2017 by Hunter Follett