And Then our Heart Melted by Hunter Follett
And Then our Heart Melted

We love getting letters...

We love letters almost as much as we love designing shirts.  So when 12 year old Jordan Leigh Morman sent us her story, we just had to share it.  We are so honored to have such awesome riders support us!


Dear Ms. Schmitz, Ms. Parkinson, and Ms. Follett,


I have really enjoyed meeting you guys at the big rodeo events over the past couple of years.  I love my CR RanchWear shirts, and wear them to nearly all of my barrel racing events (sometimes they let us out of dress code!).  


Attached is my Bio.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about this cowgirl barrel racer from Wyoming.


I will definitely continue to wear your shirts and promote your products proudly!


Thank you for your time.


Jordan Morman


No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.  ~Winston Churchill


My Texas dad and Alabama mom moved out West and started a family.  They never knew they would have a Wyoming cowgirl until I entered into this world 12 years ago.  Ever since I can remember, horses have been my best friends. I actually used to read stories to them in the pasture.  They seemed interested, and seemed to understand.  In fact, even today, I think they understand me a lot better than some people!  I have one older brother, Rowdy, and two younger brothers, Ryder and Raylan.  Yes, they are the R boys.  But I am unique with my J!  I have Jesus' initial.  Rowdy and Ryder play hockey and snowboard.  Ryder is learning to rope, and even helps me out when we are not fighting. Raylan is only 3, so his mission is to torture his siblings and hide things from them when they are at school.

Although horses are the love of my life, I also played hockey and baseball until a couple of years ago.  I still love to snowboard with my brothers, and we all play the piano. School is still my main priority.  My mom puts her foot down with grades.  Less than A's = no rodeo. So, I study.  Plus, it is fun to learn - in the classroom and in the arena.  One unique opportunity I have had is to learn to speak Spanish.  Our nanny has been with us since 2003, and we were all raised with Spanish as our first language.  Cristina is very strict though.  She makes us do Spanish School in the summer, and gets onto us when we do not use the correct grammar or write incorrectly.

Even though I have been riding since before I could walk, I did not start doing play day rodeos until I was about 7 years old.  Hippie is a great horse, but kind of has a mind of his own.  We got a little sideways sometimes.  As I got a little better, I begged and begged for a faster barrel racing horse.  I think I probably forfeited every birthday present until the end of time to get my first real barrel racing horse, Friendly (Fame Ta Honor).  I was scared to death with eyes like saucers when I ran him for the first time.  I thank my dad for making me get back on that second time.  After that, I was hooked to this insane event called barrel racing.  Friendly is part race horse, and can outrun all those roping horses on the race track! 

I just recently crossed paths with an amazing trainer, Lauren Kelly, and got a new member of the family, Remi (Frenchmansfancypants).  Remi is a rockstar.  Her first big race with me was the All In Barrel Race in Las Vegas in December 2016.  We had a rough time that week, but came back to place 26th in the RFD American Qualifier in Las Vegas that following week. I was proud, especially considering the company. 

Remi just recently helped me win the season average for barrel racing in the Big Sky Little Britches Rodeo circuit this past winter (2016-17).  Right now, I am blessed to be sitting number 3 nationally in the National Little Britches Rodeo Association.  We will be traveling to Guthrie, Oklahoma for the National Little Britches Rodeo Finals where I am qualified for barrels, pole bending, trails, and goat tying. 

Adding to an already amazing month, my parents took me to Loveland, Colorado on April 15, 2017 for the KK Run for Vegas 4D Qualifier #4.  Running to the song "Thunderstruck", Remi put it out there for me and ran a 17.539 on a standard pattern placing me 2nd in the 1D, which qualified me for the Junior NFR in Las Vegas to be held December 12-16, 2017.  I am so excited!!  I thank God for this amazing opportunity, and for parents and brothers that have sacrificed so much to support me.

I was first introduced to CR RanchWear at the National High School Finals Rodeo here in Gillette in summer 2015.  We then saw you at the NFR in 2015.  In Las Vegas, when I was there for the All In Barrel Race at the World Marketplace Pavilion in December 2016, I was able to catch up with you again.  You probably think I am stalking your company, but I look forward to getting the newest looks each season. I love my CR RanchWear shirts, and get compliments on them from fellow competitors and spectators all the time.

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May 04, 2017 by Hunter Follett