CR's McKenzie takes on Australia! by Sue Schmitz
CR's McKenzie takes on Australia!
 As you may or may not know, Mckenzie and I (Sue) are a CR Ranchwear Team! We brainstorm ideas, take on marketing, handle sponsored riders, sell shirts, etc.! We love our CR family!
Well, my partner in CR shenanigans is in Australia representing Team USA in cutting against the Aussies! What a fabulous opportunity for my dear friend Mckenzie; wife to Shadd (my horses trainer), mother to Gracie and Hadley, daughter to Al and Becky Dunning, sister to Grady (New York Socialite).
But she is gone for 10 days! (left May 26th, home June 6th) I am trying to hold down the Fort; organizing shirts for sponsored rider and NFR barrel racer, Amber Moore; Mckenzie, which do I send??
Our good customer Brinley! I had to call her and let her know we ran out of fabric for the shirt she ordered! Mckenzie, what would she like?? (they are good buds) And our new Canadian CR partner, Louisa Murch-White from Western With A Twist (check out her amazing Blog) needs shirts for a photo shoot!! Thoughts Mckenzie?????
I really miss exchanging ideas, but I know she is representing Team USA like no other!
So stay tuned to hear about the adventures in Australia with Mckenzie and Team USA! 
In the meantime, put another shrimp on the barbie mate!!
See you in CR!!
      ❤ Sue and Mckenzie
June 01, 2017 by Sue Schmitz