About Us

Our founder Rhea Scott Follett has been designing and working with fabric and clothing since she was a girl.  Her son, Hunter Follett, and his wife, Amanda Follett, partnered with Rhea to make CR RanchWear into a small family business.  Both Rhea Scott and Hunter grew up in Dallas.

CR, by the way, stands for Chandler Rhea - the name of Hunter's baby sister.

CR RanchWear has been making top-of-the-line shirts for equestrian competitors and the community for over 10 years.  We can be found at cutting, reining, rodeo and other equestrian events around the US and right here at CRRanchWear.com.  

We Love to CU in CR and we love to hear from you about CR.  Feel free to contact us at customerservice@crranchwear.com with concerns or compliments!