Fast Fifteen with Matt Mills by Louisa Murch-White
Matt Mills is an accomplished reining horse trainer and a fantastic part of the CR RanchWear team. Mills trains out of Scottsdale, Arizona and has an impressive resume including over $500,000 in NRHA earnings. In 2006 Mills won the USEF Open Reining Championship on Easy Otie Whiz and then later helped bring home the gold medal from the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany. Mills is a family man, with his wife, Karen, and children, Ryan, Alec and Emma, are an important part of his success. Plus, we love a man that can appreciate a good glass of wine! Get to know Mills a little better with our “fast fifteen.”
  1. Why reining? I picked reining because I LOVE speed combined with finesse. I ended up training when I found someone that would actually pay me to do it. Getting paid to do something you love should be everyone’s goal!
  2. If you weren’t training horses, what would you be doing? If not reining, I’d be an analyst for ESPN. 

Easy Otie Whiz was the great horse that helped Matt Mills secure a gold medal during the World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany

  1. If you could pick only pick one of your great horses from your career, which one would it be? I would probably have to pull Easy Otie Whiz back out. I knew he was good back then but I had no idea how rare individuals like that really are.
  1. What has been your biggest accomplishment? Keeping a good balance between work and family. That’s not easy to do in the horse business.
  1. In your mind, what are some of the top qualities in a great show horse?Hands down a great show horse has to be always willing. That quality alone can equal a lot of victories.
  1. What do you find yourself telling your clients the most? Be confident!  Mistakes are ok, we all make them. But be decisive. Horses don’t do the grey area well.
  1. Who was one of your biggest mentors? Too many people to mention!  Honestly I’ve learned a little something from all of my competitors at different times.

       8. Is there a quote you live by? Stole this one: “Just go out and try your          best, if you don’t... you lose.”

  1. What’s your favourite horse a competitor is showing? I have so many nice horses in my own barn that I really haven’t paid any attention to what others have!
  1. What is your favourite show of the season? Our Super Bowl: The NRHA Futurity is my favourite. We spend 2 years preparing young horses for this. It can be so up and down which makes success their So sweet. 
  1. What is one thing you can’t live without on the road? Sunflower seeds
  1. Any surprising talents or hobbies outside of reining? Not a lot of time for serious hobbies with horses. I kind of dabble in them all. Golf, music, video games, and wine to name a few. 
  1. Do you believe in superstitions? I stay away from the superstition thing because I couldn’t ever remember what I did at the last competition.


  1. Why is CR RanchWear your favourite? The quality of CR Ranchwear’s shirts are second to none. They also have the best fit!
  1. What’s your personal favourite shirt? All of my CR shirts are good but my favorite is whatever one my wife tells me to wear next! Lol






October 12, 2018 by Louisa Murch-White